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Tai Chi ChuanActivities and Practices


Chinese Martial Arts
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Chi Kung

Therapeutic Chi Kung
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Tai Chi

The True Source of Tai Chi
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Learn various techniques
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Combined Teaching System

Chinese Martial Arts & Chinese Medicine

The True Source of Tai Chi, Therapeutic Chi Kung
Wang’s Therapeutic Self Acupressure and Traditional Kung Fu

beginner training

Tai Chi Activities for Beginners

The original creators developed their forms from the martial arts and then took their learning to hospitals and to universities and teaching systems. They brought these martial arts and healing arts from China to the rest of the world.

Breathing Practice

Therapeutic Self-Acupressure and Traditional Kung-Fu

Concentration Training

Prevention of illness and to promote health.
Start Training with me

Your Personal Tai Chi Teacher

You will be able to learn various techniques to cleanse and unblock energy channels.

Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine Combined Healing System. It is a method within which healing and training are combined together for prevention of illness and to promote health.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi
daily activities

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What Our Students Say

I learned a lot from these yoga courses and meditation lessons. I began to feel better!

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee

Redding, CA

I am a beginner. It was great to learn more about meditation and yoga. Thank you!

George Gordon

George Gordon

New York, NY

Lately, I have been practicing meditation. I did not expect such great results. Thanks!

John Moore

John Moore

Chicago, IL

It is the best meditation course! Thanks to you, I learned to relax and feel my body.

Piter Bowman

Piter Bowman

Austin, TX